Thursday, June 02, 2005

Josh Punjaabiyoon Da!

Speaking about the religious war cry of the Sikh community, here is Khushwant Singh with a very neat description of it. Also, read the Sardar Sahib's take on what he calls "increasing growth of intolerance among the Sikhs."

And, the following article speaks about the confidence, resilience, and humor among the Sikhs (the features for which I personally admire the community) that makes the community so much lively and inspiring.

Indeed, Jo Bole So Nihaal - Sat Sri Akal.


Blogger Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

This is like a square peg in a round hole that I am copying here reply to your comment on my blog.
Beg appology in advance for that.

Thanks. That's the logical approach. You may have to persevere. I have a very lengthy record of events collected over the past 58 years comprising news paper-clipps and mainly my hand-written notes. I have to sift it, make it very brief and, in several cases, translate it in to simple Urdu.

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