Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stray Snapshots from Raipur

Feast at Muqaam-I-Mahmooda

The King of Good Times has recently launched a daily flight to Indore and Calcutta. After a rather long hiatus, Indore is once again connected to Raipur by air.

Once commonly called as the VIP Road, it's now officially named Rajeev Gandhi Marg, after country's late (aviator) Prime Minister. This road leads to Mana Airport. On a day with good weather, a drive down to this stretch of 9 KM can be real romantic.

The limits of Raipur municipality ends here.

I never imagined I'd be one day davouring "Prawn Biryani" in Raipur. Thanks again to Madrasi Hotel.

The good old Madrasi Hotel. They are pioneers of Mughal food in Raipur, and enjoyed a near monopoly for years. Now, Raipur does have a few more Muhgal eateries, but none that could compete with the Madrasi group. The above is their recently opened branch.

A quiet street of 150 year old Byron Bazar area on a dull Sunday afternoon. Yes, in Raipur cows are ubiquitous.

This was taken in a Byron Bazaar mosque. A notice asking people to turn off their mobile phones during prayer times. Unlike in other parts of the country, Hindi is almost a lingua franca for local Raipur Muslims. However, the spoken Hindi is more Urduized.

A "Nagar Nigam Raipur" water tanker being filled.

Something fishy...

A candid shot of a street of Raipur on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Raipur rivels Dhaka when it comes to cycle-rickshaws. For years now, cycle-rickshaw is "the" mode of local transport in the city, with no local busses or metered autos running. These rickshaws are pulled by the migrant labourers of Orissa.

Though it's almost end of summers in Raipur (the time is early June), you still see some earthern pots being spread out for selling. All shops are closed, as you can see in the background. It was a sunday afternoon.