Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stray thoughts… from half way across the globe

My shoes require no polish here. The day was clear and sunny - just like in Hyderabad, but was unbelievably chilly – reminded me of Ooty. The ride at Metros is real swift and comforting – oh yes, I have seen the young offering their seat to the old. People, complete strangers, acknowledge your smile with a smile. The bus driver wishes me a good day everyday.

For Friday prayer, I went to the Embassy of Qatar – that was the nearest mosque some 1.5 miles away from my office. For breakfast it’s juices, tea, and Sara Lee’s Apple Orchids. For lunch – oh don’t ask!. For dinner, I have to cook for myself. And yes, I can cook well – thanks to Shan's Chicken Masala. The nearest “desi store” is right near my hotel. It’s called Halaalco – I like it because: I get halaal meat there, the staff is Urdu speaking, and also because its proprietor is a Hyderabadi (my first impression was that it’s a Pakistani store – but nay, it’s very much Indian).

Life goes on half way across the globe, but surely with some variations. Life’s good, Mashallah, in Washington - DC, USA.