Friday, December 07, 2007

Adam's Defiance...

" Baagh-e Bahist say mujhay hukm-e-safar diya tha kyon?
Kaar-e-Jahaan daraaz hai , ab meyra intazaar kar"

Why did you order me out of the garden of paradise?
I have a lot of work that remains unfulfilled:
Now you better wait for me!

This is Adam taking God in defiance, asking why in the first place he was asked to leave paradise (as in why Allah raised him from his primitive stage and bestowed on him some sense and intellect). And that when God has already done so and given the entire Earth to him to strive, grow and evolve, Adam is relentless, and wants to keep striving hard unceasingly. He’s in no mood to rest, and is not yet ready to meet his creator, thus asking his Creator to wait for him.